Annual Tea Party 2014

Costumes at tea party 

 open party                   the award



The Placentia Area Historical Society held a successful Annual Tea Party on the grounds of the O’Reilly House Museum in the afternoon of April 2nd.  The purpose is to remember the Placentia Area’s diverse history.  Although overcast in the morning it was a beautifully sunny day by 2 pm when the party started.  The tent that had been provided and erected by the Town was well needed to provide shade to many of the participants.  

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Annual Tea Party announced

The Placentia Area Historical Society has announced that this year's Tea Party and presentation of Heritage Award will be held on Saturday, August 2, starting at 2 p.m. This is a day to celebrate the diverse history of the Placentia Area, which goes back over 450 years.  This event will be a social afternoon with period costumes, entertainment, refreshments and the presentation of the Heritage Award to Freshwater Community Centre.  The event is open to the public and there is no charge. During the afternoon tours of the museum are free.

O'Reilly House open for 2014

The O'Reilly House Museum in Placentia opens for the season on Monday, July 7, and will be oepn for 7 days a week till the end of August. Affer that it will be open 5 days a week untill the end of November.  Irene Moore is the office Manager/Researcher.  Amber Coffey, Marcus O'Reilly and Dominique Viscount are the

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Basque Will Event held


Unveiling Basque WillStudents perform skit








Close to fifty people turned out at the Arts Centre in Placentia on Thursday, May 15, for the commemoration, by the Placentia Area Historical Society, of a Basque Will that had been written in Placentia 451 years ago.(photos)

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New website for PAHS

The Placentia Area Historical Society has just completed rebuilding its website because the program on which it is built (Joomla) has come out with a new version and no longer supports the old one. There are no major changes and it looks much the same.

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Tea Party 2013

costumes at Tea Party

Although the weather forecast was not great, Saturday, Aug. 3, turned out to be a satisfactory day for the Annual Tea Party of the Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS).

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Flag pole repaired

Floyd Edison goes high for museum

Floyd Edision of Edison Security has come to the rescue to repair a flag rope for the historical sociey.  Recently a pulley that keeps the flag rope up wore through and dropped off the 25 foot flag pole next to the museum. The pole is too heavy to lower without special equipment and it is dangerous work from a ladder.  Mr. Edision has a bucket truck for installing video camers in high places for his security business.  He donated the equipment and his time to repair the ropes and the flag can now fly again.

Floyd Edison replaces ropes on museum flagpole. -Flag


Chaloupe moved

chaloupe  locationThe French Chaloupe built for the 2004 Anniversary of the French in Newfoundland, as a project between the Placentia Area Development Association and a celebrations committee set up by the Town of Placentia, has been temporarily located to a small park next to the O'Reilly House Museum while a new bridge is being built across the Placentia Gut. The boar was formerly located near the bridge.  It was constructed under the direction of Jerome Canning. For more information about the chaloupe go here: