On June 18 a presentation was held in St. Luke’s Cultural Heritage Centre about an aviation mystery concerning the first transatlantic flight from Paris to New York that never arrived.  The attempt was made by two French pilots in 1927 seeking a $25,000 prize that had been offered.  It has never been known for sure where they might have crashed but one of the places is believed to be Gull Pond on the Cape Shore.

The presentation in St. Luke’s Centre was given by Ric Gillespie, Executive Director of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) and Dr. Lisa Daly a Newfoundland aviation archaeologist.  They presented the known evidence that might indicate Gull Pond as the site.  They also had discussions with the audience of about thirty people to find out what tfhey knew and to answer their questions. Pictures of materials that might point to Gull Pond were shown. Plans are being made to return to the area in September to do further investigation of the pond with new technology.

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