History book launched.

    A milestone was reached Friday, May 29th. in the Placentia Public Library when a new history book of Placentia was launch for author Lee Everts.  Titled "The Placentia Area -A Changing Mosaic" it chronicles the history of Placentia from millions of years before anyone visited to right up to current days.  During her comments author Lee Everts told how she was impressed by the land and the people who occupied or visited over the years.  The event was sponsored jointly by the Placentia Public Library and the Placentia Area Hisatorical Society (PAHS).  President Augusta Whelan of the Library Board acted as MC for the event and passed along congratulations from her group.  President Tom O'Keefe of PAHS expressed congratulations from his group and thanked Lee for all her support to the historical society sine coming to Placentia about nine years ago.  Deputy Mayor Keith Pearson passed along greeting and congratulations from the Town.

Placentia history book published

Lee K.M Everts has just published a new book on the history of Placentia, probably the only current book on Placentia's history in English.The book is entitled The Placentia Area - A Changing Mosaic and covers from the early visitors, including the Basque in the sixteenth century to current days.  The author is from Ontario and has lived iin Placentia for the last seven or eight years.  She has been a member of the Placentia Area Historical Society for most of that time and took a deep interest in the history of Placentia. Being a researcher and writer she turned her interest to producing a book about Placentia. As an active member of PAHS she has also taken on much of the responsibility for displays in the O'Reilly House Museum. Lee's book is self-published by Lulu.com and is available in both printed form and as an ebook at: http://tinyurl.com/gtknckl

Awards presented at Tea Party

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hogan award

sabino award













At the Annual Tea Party on August 8th. heritage awards were presented by the Placentia Area Historical Society to former Mayor of Placenta, William P.Hogan, and to a Basque historian in Span, Sabino Laucirica. Former mayor Hogan was honoured for his support of history and his many innovative projects and support to such things as the archaeological digs.  Historian Laucirica was award because of his promotion of the connection between Placentia and his community, Plentzia, the town that Newfoundland's Placentia was first named after.

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"Voices" officially opened


The Voices of Placentia Bay Exhibit was officially opened on Friday afternoon, July 31, in the Art Centre to an audience of about 150 people. Actor Darren Ivany was the emcee.  While introducing the speakers he played different historical characters representing the French, English and Irish.  After a welcome by the emcee the events started with Lucas White singing O'Canada and Ode to Newfoundland.

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Atlantic Charter Celebrations

The Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS) is partnering with the Atlantic Charter Foundation of Ship Harbour to assist with the celebration of the 75 Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter in 2016.  The Atlantic Charter Foundation Inc. (ACF) is made up of a local Board of Directors and an advisory committee of people from mainland Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador.  Honorary Patron is His Honour Frank F. Fagan, CM ONL Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. Tom O’Keefe, president of PAHS is acting as an advisor to the Board of Directors.

In order to prepare for the celebrations the Board of Directors was recently reorganized with Nicole Walsh becoming the chairperson.  Tony Meade is vice-chair, Debbie Meade is secretary and Anita Murray is treasurer. The group has indicated it will be seeking the help of many volunteers during the celebrations next summer.   

Voices of Placentia Bay


The new multimedia exhibition known as The Voices of Placentia Bay is now complete and can be viewed in the cultural intrepretation centre next to the Placentia Town Hall.  It is a chance to experience the musicians, singers, story tellers and poetics of Placentia Bay.   An official opening ceremony will be held on Friday, July 31, at 2.00 pm in the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre and the public is welcome to attend this opening. This exhibition is a partnership between the Placentia Area Historical Society and the Town of Placentia.  It is funded by the federal and provincial governemts.

PAHS Appoints Ambassadors

The Placentia Area Historical Society have appointed two of its members to be ambassador for the United Kingdom. They are David and Anne McKerrow who have  been members of PAHS for almost five years. and live in Kirkliston, Scotland,  near Edinburgh.  As ambasadors they will represent the historical society in their area and help spread knowledge of Placentia's history and the work of the historical society.  Anne's father comes from Southeast, Placentia and went to Scotland to joined the overseas forestry to help out the war effort.

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Ticket sale a success.

PAHS had a successful sale of tickets before Christmas to raise money for the repair of the O'Reilly House Museum. 

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