Click on no. 1 or following instructions in no. 2.

2.    Using  Firefox: select “Google” type inside Google “Google Images” from the list select “Google Images” type inside “Google ImagesThe Atlantic Charter. This will produce a large number of the Atlantic Charter photos.
At the top you will see:...... All......Images.....Videos
All” will produce published material and books, “Images” produces the photos, and “Videos” produces great film footage of the event.
Here is a short story from the days of the Atlantic Conference when Churchill and Roosevelted visited Placentia Bay.

rsz george abbottI thought that I would mention that my Grandfather, George Abbott, was the only civilian who had been told of the upcoming meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill those many years ago.  He was the railway station agent in Argentia at the time and, because he operated the radio, his family had Secret Service men staying in the station house, monitoring radio traffic.  My grandfather was sworn to secrecy, of course.  My mother told me that it was not uncommon for “Pop” to bring men from visiting ships home for a meal.  In this case, however, he would not introduce the agents to the family.  He didn’t offer any excuses for this and it was only when the Atlantic Charter meeting was completed that he told the family about his role. 

Lisa Piercey

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